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all natural creative quality wooden toys 

Igooka comes in various styles and sizes ranging in complexity and is fun to play with individually or in groups..

...wide variety of complexity and style


Our wooden transport is 100%. green made from hard wood. Help develop your child's fine motor skills while having fun. Wheels actually spin when assembled. All-natural, completely recyclable and require no fossil fuel. 


Do you know how to spell or count? Whether you do or you don't you can build in wood and learn at the same time. Solid cubes made from hard Baltic wood


Wooden buildings - isn't it cool? Different styles and sizes from a modest log chalet to a modern villa - you imagine and create or simply follow instructions.

You can go with more than one set to create something extraordinary. 

100% Green wooden toys


  • Our toys are made from natural wood, but not a single tree was cut in order to make them. Magic? No! We made it happen by optimizing production processes.

  • Only natural hard wood is used in our toys making them completely biodegradable.

  • We package our wood toys in boxes made from recycled materials




Only top quality material for our wooden toys

We make our wood toys from top quality select wood using predominantly hardwood. Our mission is to deliver top quality natural wooden toys for the most affordable prices. With our wooden toys kids will learn logic, develop fine motor skills while having fun and work on their creativity. 


The aroma, the touch and the feel of natural wood toys will definitely please you.   


naturally creative

Igooka presents Naturally creative wooden toys. Most of our wooden toys are made in Europe of natural select wood mostly white birch which is a very distinguished species of hardwood.

We strive to make every set a creative challenge that is aimed to teach design skills and develop natural materials appreciation as well as to be conscious of the effects things we play with have on the environment. Natural wooden toys are becoming more and more popular in Canada and our goal is to bring you the best quality wooden toys for the lowest price. 

Soon a range of our sets will be available in Canadian toys stores. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or propositions. 

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